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Type of Rooms

The architectural design of the 45 water chalets reflects the incluence of the local Bajau style. The resort is located on a part of the island where it is sheltered from the storm. The floor of the water cottages is less than 1 meter above the high water mark. The chalets are spacious with wide sliding doors that open onto the room's private deck.

Room Types Structure Size in sq ft No. of Rooms
Grand Deluxe Bungalow 1508 4 units
Deluxe Chalets Bungalow 1068 2 units
Standard Chalets Bungalow 714 29 units
Standard Chalets Semi-detached 714 4 units
Junior Chalets Semi-detached 552 6 units

Junior Chalets

Standard Chalets

Deluxe Chalets

Grand Deluxe Chalets

Resort Layout

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